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Well Fed Kids

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Well Fed Kids – Talking ALL Things Parenting! An innovative new app created by parents, for parents with the aim of opening up dialogue around the choices and challenges we face when raising children – from birth, to teenagers. Let’s face it – parenting can be tough and too many parents feel isolated when navigating this terrain!

Featuring podcasts, blogs, videos, recipes and interviews – this is a must have resource for any stage of parenthood. As a subscriber, you will receive new content monthly!

We are so excited to bring you our first update which is bursting with parenting gems. We dive into topics such as introducing solids, family nutrition, the impact of too much screen time, teenage behaviour and self-esteem, same-sex parenting, puberty and sex education, plus a stack of new, wholesome and delicious recipes.

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Which Foods Do I Feed My Infant?

Dr Jen shares not one but two fantastic blogs on introducing your baby to solids, and teaches you how to minimise arsenic and prepare your very own baby rice cereals using fermented grains.

What’s in Jen’s Fridge?

Ever wondered what goodies lie in Jen’s fridge? All is revealed as Jen gives you a tour, sharing what she feeds her family and what her go-to items are.

Separating Behaviour from Self-Worth.

When our child behaves poorly, as parents, it’s easy to be self-righteous and step right into judgment, blaming and shaming – which we all understand can be damaging. A question we are commonly asked is, “how can I effectively work with my child, but also let them know that I have their back, no matter what?” –  Jen and Trilby chat about building a strong foundation for our children’s self-esteem, sharing their own personal experiences with raising pre-teens and teens and dealing with their risky behaviour.

The Dangers of Too Much Screen Time.

In this two-part series, Dr Jen discusses the impact of too much screen time, sharing the latest research and guides parents on how to set clear boundaries around time spent on all forms of digital devices.


Meet Amanda and Bee!

Jen and Trilby sit down with same-sex couple Amanda and Bee as they chat about sharing the responsibilities of raising Amanda’s 6-year-old daughter from a previous same sex relationship.

Amanda talks about her experience from conception to the first year of bonding, to mothers group, to being a school parent and then sharing custody. Balancing this with the challenges of a new relationship. Amanda also shares her experiences in endeavouring to create a safe environment for her daughter to express herself and embrace having two mums.

Meet Lael Stone!

As parents, our chest tightens at the thought of our little ones growing up, entering puberty and becoming adults. It’s even more daunting when we remember that it is OUR responsibility to guide them through and teach them about the birds and the bees – GULP! That is why we want to introduce you to the incredible Lael Stone, who is a modern-day sex educator that teaches teens (and parents! 😊) about sex, puberty, intimacy, fertility, relationships and everything in between! Most importantly, she teaches us how to talk about it, openly, without shame, awkwardness or embarrassment.


Talking all things nutrition and feeding your family a wholesome diet!